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Wim H. M. van der Poel, DVM, PhD
was borne in 1958 in The Netherlands. In 1988 he finished his veterinary education, and after some years in veterinary practice he has specialized in virology  since 1993. Currently, he works on research of emerging and zoonotic viruses and he is coordinator of EPIZONE (www.epizone-eu.net) the European Network of Excellence for epizootic diseases diagnosis and control. The largest international network on animal diseases.

On this website you can also find information about research on emerging and zoonotic viruses, and read recent news and comments on the weblog (->News comments), ask questions and give comments.
Contact details:
Telephone:           +31320238383
Fax                      +31320238961
Mobile:                 +31651587570
Email:                   post@wimvanderpoel.nl
Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University 1988;
PhD, Utrecht University 1995;
Specialist in Veterinary Microbiology, Netherlands Royal Veterinary Association, 1997;
Registrated Research Worker Medical Microbiology, Netherlands Royal Microbiology Association, 2001.
Curriculum Vitae
After finishing his veterinary studies in 1988, Wim van der Poel has worked in veterinary practice in the field for about 2 years. Thereafter he worked on veterinary education and research at the Veterinary Faculty of the Utrecht University for ten years. In 1995 he finished his PhD at the same university, and from 1996 - 2003 he was project leader of research on viral zoonoses and foodborne viruses, at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands. Currently Wim van der Poel is employed by the Central Veterinary Institute of Wageningen University and Research Centre (www.cvi.wur.nl) in the Netherlands, where he is a senior scientist concerned with research on emerging and zoonotic viruses.
Research interests
Wim van der Poel's  principle research interests and focus has been emerging viruses and zoonotic viruses, furthermore viruses in foods. His main research topics in these areas include:
  • the surveillance of rabies viruses in bats,
  • the development of virus detection methods for foods,
  • the surveillance and the molecular epidemiology of foodborne viruses of animal origin (i.e. Hepatitis E virus)
  • the tracing and characterization of new emerging viruses.
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